Qatar Integrated Rail Project
  • Doha, Qatar
  • Qatar Rail
  • IMAR Tradings and Cotracting & ICC

The Doha Metro is a truly astonishing project. The design is called “Vaulted Spaces”; it is derived from historic Islamic architecture and it gives a modern twist to ancient design. The building is composed of modern materials that cause the building to resemble the inside of an oyster.
Our scope included:
• Technical/Engineering and Management Support and Consulting to IMAR and BFG for the Qatar Rail Shelters Package, which included the Green, Red and Gold Lines.
• Preparing the shop drawings and calculations for the FRP roof, fascia and pedestals.
• Designing the complete roofing system for the Gold Line, taking the weather tightness and the thermal insulation into account.
• Reviewing and discussing the shop drawings and calculations with the consultant until approvals were granted.